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I spent this evening trying to do a translation. It drives home just how mada-mada I really am.

Anyway, it was fun, even though there were parts I couldn't get even with the dictionary and internets. Some of it was bloody Kansai-ben, which I'm going to have to improve at before going to Kansai Gaidai...

Now I'm just waiting for a proper translation of this week's Nurarihyon no Mago to come out so I can see how wrong I was XD


Dec. 9th, 2008 11:31 pm
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So, the JLPT exam on Sunday was actually kind of fun. I got to road-trip up to Auckland with the sister and her boyfriend, eat tasty donuts during the breaks (!!) in the exam, and if I'm remembering the answers I marked correctly, then comparison with answers that have showed up on the internets suggest that I pretty much rocked it :D

Okay, so it's only level 3, not exactly something to get worked up about. But still, yay!

Now I've got a couple of years before the next one, which will hopefully be 2級, but if I'm not quite up to it by then it's okay, because in 2010 they're remodelling the levels and shoving an extra one in between 3 and 2. I've already started adding the vocab to Anki bit by bit, as it's rather a large jump from 1500 words for 3級 to over 5000 for 2級, so I need all the head-start I can get D:
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These things probably should have each had their own entries, but I'm lazy. So, a quick overview:

Last Month: I started taking some drugs to hopefully clear up my skin. It's not like it was terrible, but I'm sick of looking like a teenager :P They're working too, yay! But I can't drink for the next 4 months. I'm starting have dreams about vodka :/

Last Week: I joined a karate club! I've only gone twice so far, but it's been super-fun :D Even though I pretty much suck (even at the warm-ups)

Just now: First time I've bought something online since the financial world went all to hell. Damn, that exchange rate hurts!

Next Week: My one and only exam. I only need to get 75% to get an A+, so I'm completely unstressed. I wish there would be something to show for it to motivate me to make more of an effort.

Next Month: ...I lied, I have another exam. I'm giving the JLPT 3-kyuu a go. It might be a bit much, I have a lot of vocab I'll need to memorize before then. But I thought the 4-kyuu would be a bit too easy, so. I'd better study a lot in the next month.

Next Year: Hopefully (admissions committees willing) I'll be going on exchange in Japan in B Semester :D So excited! (as long as I don't think too hard about it, because then I just get terrified XD )


Jun. 8th, 2008 12:53 pm
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I used to put off studying kanji because it was too hard; when it came time to write essays I'd have to pick my topic according to which one I remembered the kanji I'd need to use in it.

Now I've gone insane and think kanji are awesome. I even have a favourite radical; it's itohen 糸. It's just so fun to write! i can use it to write green 緑, and purple 紫. and ato 後 is similar too. and also, kizuna 絆! my current obssession song. surely there's lots more too, i can't wait to learn them.

I have a huge pile of kanji flashcards I need to learn before class starts. I used a bunch of different criteria to pick them out, and though there's a fair bit of crossover it still ended up being a lot.

First I took all the kanji that Japanese kids learn in 1st grade, then added the kanji for JLPT level 4. Then I added all the ones I should have learnt in 7th form and the ones that I'm pretty sure I was meant to learn even before that. And last week I picked up the kanji list for the Japanese paper I should have done this semester and added those, plus a few others that I liked because they looked awesome or had a cool meaning XD

...Actually, 'having a cool meaning' is one of the main criteria for how well I learn a kanji. Bonus points if it's fannish too. I mean, I learnt 絆 pretty damn quickly just by repeatedly writing out the last line in the song while at work. Seriously, every pair of gloves I threw out that day had 「あの時のあの場所消えないこの絆」 written on them :/ I've done the same thing with all kinds of things, like Tezuka's name. And buchou, which I think is the only actually useful word I've learnt by this method. Ah well, even if it's a rather random selection, any learning isn't a waste ^__^
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the childhood meme )

Basically, we've always been comfortable. We didn't have a lot of spare money when I was a kid, but we managed to do some extra things like holidays. Recently we've become a lot better off (like, it's kind of ridiculous) because people keep dying, which really isn't the ideal way to get rich.


I really have nothing to say. Things are going fairly well at the moment. I have to relearn all of 7th Form* Japanese in the next 10 weeks :/ That year had the lamest topics too, ugh industry. At least TeniPuri has taught me all the sports vocab I struggled with in the summer before Year 13~! Clearly I just need to find the right anime to learn each set of vocab and I'll be set.

*It seems I've been caught in some kind of limbo between the changing names for school years. I still think of Primary and Intermediate in the old terms (J 1-3, Standard 2-4, Form 1+2), and High School is 50/50 divided between Forms and Years. The sister, who's 3 years behind me, talks entirely in Years. It kinda sucks being stuck in the middle of everything. My High School transcript is also a mess, with mostly NCEA, plus School C Maths and Geography, 6th Form Cert Maths and Japanese, and Bursary Stats :/
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So everything I said about uni being over foreverrr.... I lied. :D

That is to say:  七月から大学で日本語を勉強するつもりです~!

I'll keep on working as many hours as possible while studying part time - there's one class per day so it'll be a bit awkward. I still have to sort hours and things out with work.

After I've seen how things will fit I'll decide where I'll live. If it's just working before or after class I'll probably stay at home since it's cheaper, but if it's working all day and just taking time out for class I'll really need to get a place over in Hamilton East so I can bike around, since finding a park near work or uni takes so long.

I just think I should do this now, rather than getting caught up in work and then looking around in 10 years time and finding that I'm stuck.

(... I can have steak on rice again~! Let's concentrate on that rather than 'I can have tests and horrible horrible speaking assessments' D: )
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Full-time hours from next week, yay! Money money money!

To celebrate, I blew all of this week's pay on Japanese study books :/ Oh man, shipping costs on books are a bitch. $150 of books, $50 of shipping. Anyway, I can finally has the furigana dictionary I've wanted for years but have never seen in a store.

Also, my bookmarks have only just exceeded 200. I'm so slack at bookmarking, but then I didn't start doing it until after I'd read most of my favourite fics in bandom and I can't be bothered going back and adding them. I really really love my tags though, they've been useful a few times recently for finding fics I knew I'd read before. Hopefully they'll continue to be useful and pretty when I get up into the thousands (however far in the future that may be).

... I need to add some more though, length and more detail on the fic type, but I can't be bothered fixing it for all of them. Maybe I'll just start from now on.

And I just recently started using "ToRead", which I'm afraid is going to cause a mess when I never get around to reading that stuff. I just needed to get rid of the ~100 tabs I had open in Firefox.
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I think I've finally cracked something in my head from watching too much anime the past couple of days. At work today, whenever the radio played a song I wasn't familiar with my brain told me that the lyrics were Japanese. Seriously, if the enunciation was at all unclear, rather than figuring out the English words that fit like usual, it was giving me Japanese words :///// It felt very strange, but also awesome.

A bit of girly TMI: the Mooncup is awesome because when I get home from work on a hot day like today I can just jump straight into the pool without having to worry about changing a tampon first. Man, that always sucked, especially the one year when I did swimming training at Fairfield and was really self-conscious about being seen bringing a tampon into the toilet.

(... I never thought I'd be one of those people who writes about that kind of topic. Ah well, I really do think it's a great thing, and most people have never heard of it, so I should say something).
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Yesterday I attempted to make a start on my "eh, I'll do it in the holidays" list that's been building up for a couple of months by tidying my cupboard. Well, nothing much has been thrown away, but the memories are always fun (it's why what should be an hour's task takes me a whole day)

~ Stories Nic and I wrote on the typewriter at Grandma and Grandad's for something to do... literary classics with lines like "snort i noticed u nticin me so i came over to anollage u to say i saw u shakin u pony bum at me snort" and "the depressed girl walked into town feeling sad that the only 'person' who would hit on her was a high donkey". I really want some more of whatever crack we were on.

~ The cast list from Cinderella when I used to go to Starmakers... people on there who I didn't know at the time but looking at it now I'm like "wtf? they did drama with me?". Several Dio girls, a chick who writes for Nexus, brat I babysat, and some others.

~ Really back in the day, Belinda. "she says me and Jenni are the main suspects for the problem". God I wish I'd written more back then (I was like 9? 10?) because I don't even remember what that feud was about except that it was utterly heartfelt (her: "my mum says you're a bitch and she's right") (wow, thinking on it I don't think I was quite so socially retarded when I was younger... maybe incidents like this "ex-best-friend turned utter cow" helped turn me into my paranoid distrustful emotionally distant self! can't believe I only now got that.)

~ Old Japanese exams make me feel smart: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
WHY the FUCK did I stop studying that?!

~ My book of doom from 7th form. This is never getting thrown out. This book is an absolute snapshot of my life in 7th form. There's a diary of our Australia trip. My Japanese speech written out from memory just coz I was bored. Random calculus. Notes from philosophy. Religious musings. Doodles. Essays on Othello. Fanart. And an 'as it happened' diary full of even more emo than this lj at the time, which is fairly impressive. Oh, and records of texts with Barlow: the only couple of months I ever used more than my 500. (god, is it any surprise I'm 'a bit' romantically retarded when the only flirtation I've ever really engaged in involved endearments such as "dark mistress of the realm"?)(don't even ask. Good fucking times though).

On that note, does anyone (Erin, Ruth?) know what Barlow's up to these days? We all know I'm useless at keeping in touch with people, especially with such a weird history to deal with.

~ ... and during the day I get progressively more ridiculous looking as I find and put on gloves, Minnie Mouse ears, and my super-huge Ravenclaw scarf:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
this pic has too much geekery to fit in an arm-length myspace pic, so you get the bathroom mirror myspace pic XD
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Saw Howl's Moving Castle today. OMG why did I not know that Howl would be so gorgeous? Or that he was voiced by Christian Bale? So this is the first Christian Bale movie I've seen.

I think I have a problem with Studio Ghibli guys, I had the same reaction to Haku after seeing Spirited Away XD

I would have liked to have seen it in Japanese, but that version's on at 8.15pm on Tuesday, which isn't exactly a good time :(

Unfortunately I was seeing the movie with some friends of the family and kids so my comments, which mostly would have consisted of asjfijfidjHOWL!!11 had to stay on the inside.

(Yes, I realise that I'm strange. Shut up.)


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