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Birthdate:Sep 16
Location:New Zealand
♣ me

I'm [personal profile] steffish, a Japan-obsessed kiwi. I make an effort not to come across as the stereotypical otaku, but I might slip now and then, so sorry in advance.

I have a science degree which I hope to not make much use of once I'm through with my current job. I'm currently studying part time for a Graduate Diploma in Japanese; that one I do intend to use. My dream job would be a translator, but I've got a fair ways to go yet.

journal ♦

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to organise my Circle here, but friend me if you want! I don't normally post under lock, but unless I know you in RL I'll probably add you back anyway so you can read those rare posts too.

I'm trying to improve my rate of commenting, but my lurker habits run deep. I promise that if you're on my list, I'm reading your posts.
♥ fandom

I've been through a lot of fandoms over the last... 6 years or so. I started out with anime, detoured through Harry Potter and Bandom, and now I've swung back around to anime again. I mostly watch popular shonen crap and then slash the hell out of all the characters, but feel free to rec me anything you think is good.
links ♠

[ profile] steffish = my lj
[ profile] glorydays = 私の日本語の日記
steffishjapan = my study abroad blog

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