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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List AND UPLOAD 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post that to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] soulfuric lettered me up with "C".

WAH, THIS WAS WAY HARDER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. Trying not to pick the ones that I assume everyone has already, while also trying to make sure at least some are in English. Anyway, I achieved a kind of random and tragic indictment of my musical taste. One Japanese, one instrumental, one in Swedish which I sing along to with the Japanese soramimi lyrics XD and 3 whole songs in English! OH CRAP I JUST REALISED IT'S ONLY MEANT TO BE 5, WHY DID I THINK I NEEDED 6 SONGS?!

cherish - NEWS (since it was playing when I recieved my letter)

(I decided that using the english spelling of Crystal from Tenimyu was unneccessary cheating, when there are plenty of other songs I can choose. it was a battle though. a battle with myself.... XD )

Crystal Sermon - Voices of the Lifestream. ( because I'm a GEEK. this is a whole album (free for download!) of fan remixes of all the music from Final Fantasy VII, it's pretty much awesome)

Cemetary Drive - My Chemical Romance (There had to be something bandom!)

Caramelldansen - Caramell (Because I signed up to NicoNico Douga yesterday and watched lot of Tenipuri fanvids with this song. And it's fun to dance tragically to)

Chains - DLT feat Che Fu (Had to be some NZ music. This is olllld though)

Come On, Feel It - Baumer (.... was looking for a last (and, it turns out, unneccessary) song that people probably wouldn't have. This is off one of the Eyeball CDs I ordered last year)
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So, I think I might go see Panic at the Disco later this year, even though I'm really only clinging to the outskirts of the fandom now.  Concerts are fun.  And TAI are supporting, so, 2 bandom bands?  It's worth it.  (The question is, will they have Streetwise Scarlet as a first opener as is traditional for shows I go to?)

I had a phone interview for a job this morning, and while I know I won't be the best applicant, I don't think I hopelessly fucked it up  \o/

ETA: stepmania = great fun. Tonight was my second go at playing it, and I managed to go from not being able to pass Butterfly on Light, to getting a B :D

Okay, and then I was sick because all that jumping around on a stomach full of brownie wasn't really my smartest idea ever.

But! Yay for fun exercise. Now I just need to find some more songs I actually like, because a lot of them just make me want to stab my eardrums.
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It just doesn't feel like a proper fandom until I've found the obligatory vampire AU *__*

It's the one case where I don't even care about quality (well, within limits), it just pushes all my buttons. uuhhh. So hot.

And this particular one isn't even just a vampire!fic; it's also magicalbond!fic and wing!fic ^__^


"a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow" and "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls" and "i am leaving i am leaving but the fighter still remains". i actually love simon and garfunkel lyrics so muuuuch.

not quite as much as "ここからはじまる glory days" though. That line has become a bit of an obsession. I'm probably going to design a motivational poster for my pinboard with that quote ♥ First I just have to decide what exactly constitutes "glory days" for me though, which is really a lot harder than it sounds. If I could sort that out I'd pretty much be on top of my main problems in life right now.
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Yesterday was AWESOME. (omg 24 hours ago I was 10 metres from MCR)

i don't even know )
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... I just bought more CDs in one purchase than I ever had in an entire year before this year :/ Anyway, Eyeball Records are having a sale, and so I bought most of the albums for the songs that were on the Eyeball sampler that came with Bullets, plus some other stuff too. Yay new music!

And that's pushed my music-purchasing over the edge, so now I've officially bought more this year than in the previous 20 years of my life put together.
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Today I did the worst on a test I've ever done (even worse than first year phys-chem, and I never thought that was possible). This is because my procrastination skills have gone beyond funny into the ridiculous: I get motivated enough to study after I've done a test. So I basically crammed for an hour before, and now I want to write out notes so I won't do so badly on the final exam :/ (um. or tag old entries and watch LotMS again. omg. frank's piercings, i miss them. his nose ring makes me want one).

Also: this shirt = cutest ever, y/n?

ETA: I've been listening to so many covers recently. Previously I hadn't really seen the point in having versions of a song other than the official one but. This (Brendon Urie's voice also his FACE, man, I'm obviously going through a Brendon phase) and this and also this new one by Fall Out Boy, which I'll maybe get to hear live in LESS THAN A WEEK, OMG, have changed my mind pretty thoroughly :D
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Tonight I went and saw Blood Brothers with Mum. Basically, all I have to say is TWINCEST. For reals, the guys who don't know they're brothers just listing all of each other's wonderful qualities and how much they want to be each other, and I was just squeeing inside. My brain may have gone to the Waycest AU place, but it would involve killing them both in the end and I don't think I could do that to Gee and Mikey :( Though I also kept thinking that if only Mickey, Eddie and Linda could have lived happily together in a threesome it could have ended well....

Seriously, it was a good show. It's one of my least favourite of the 12 or so various soundtracks we've got at home, but it made a lot more sense actually seeing it. And the singers were all good, especially Mrs Johnstone, who was amazing. Mrs Lyons just got on my nerves, she wasn't putting on an accent like the others so her kiwi voice threw me every time she talked.
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I've finished my entire iTunes \o/ My 3 days, 7 hours 46 minutes and 13 seconds of music took just over 2 weeks of listening at every available minute spent at home to get through o_0

The My Chem presale has been delayed till Wednesday, which suits me just fine since I have lab from 2-5 tomorrow and didn't want to miss out on best tickets (because My Chem is my FAVOURITE, OMG! I periodically squee out over the fact they're coming to the country even though it's FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS AWAY. I've turned into a teenie fangirl several years too late :| )

... Mum just went to get something from my room and saw the Mooncup advertising stickers that were lying around. She thought they were a joke? I just said it's real, I've used it, and she probably doesn't want to know :P
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(from The Edge website)


Presale 2pm July 17th - go to and register to be able to take advantage of a 24 hour pre sale 2 days before tickets go on sale.

General sale begins Friday July 20th and tickets can be brought from


ETA: trying to buy my Fall Out Boy ticket - what, are there no floor tickets? Or are they just not available in the presale? They're available now, I was just being too impatient :P

Live Earth

Jul. 7th, 2007 11:40 pm
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... trying to continue on my itunes mish while also trying to watch Live Earth is not working all that brilliantly. Basically I'm just sitting here but going into the other room whenever I hear something promising on the TV (all I've really watched so far was Linkin Park). But I have to go to bed soon, so I'll miss everything. If I get up early enough I should see the London and New York bits though. Or are they replaying it tomorrow? I'm not sure.

Spamitty spam spam. If anyone didn't notice I'm trying to post every day this month. So there's gonna be a lot of useless entries like this! Sorry!

ETA: Crowded House <3
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A Monday, really? Whose brilliant idea was that?

ANYWAY - October 1st, Waitakere Trust Stadium, $67, tickets on sale next Thursday at Ticket Direct and Real Groovy.

EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Can't wait. Though I have no idea what I'm doing with this whole 'buying tickets' and 'going to a big concert' thing. I'll probably manage to screw up.
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Well, the family should be halfway to Singapore by now. I hope Dad's coping with the flight okay (i.e. the drugs are working). It's gonna be weird being alone for over a week, but I'm all prepared with various stuff to do and stocked up on junk food. Though I did make actual dinner tonight, even if of the "Thanks Patak's" variety (and at a decent hour too! doesn't tend to happen when I'm left to my own devices). I had to do something somewhat food-y to make up for the whole pack of Squiggles I ate this afternoon ;) Also, having some beer, and apparently my alcohol tolerance is zero. So. That's my excuse for this post's disjointedness.

I want to listen through all my itunes. I'm partway into the 'A's!! Wahey! (I have 3 days, 8 hours, 4 minutes and 14 seconds of music, apparently)

Better go do some dishes :(

ETA: Damn, I'd better go to bed at a decent time tonight - gotta listen to the Morning Madhouse tomorrow, they're talking to Patrick Stump and announcing the FOB show dates :)

CDs I own

Jun. 29th, 2007 10:57 am
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Britney Spears - one more time
Westlife - Coast To Coast

Our Lady Peace - Gravity
Simple Plan - No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls
t.A.T.u - 200km/h In The Wrong Lane
Evanescence - Fallen
Live - Birds Of Pray
SMAP - 世界に一つだけの花
A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms
Queen Of The Damned - Soundtrack
Green Day - American Idiot
Wicked - Soundtrack
RENT - Soundtrack
Sandi Thom - Smile... it confuses people
Savage Garden - Truly Madly Completely
Tristan Prettyman - Twentythree
Panic! at the Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree
Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High
My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave
My Chemical Romance - I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
My Chemical Romance - Life On The Murder Scene
All American Rejects - Move Along
The Academy Is... - Santi
Green Day - International Superhits!
Cobra Starship - While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets
Counting Crows - Films About Ghosts (The Best Of...)
Signal To Noise - Kodiak
Kiss Kiss - Reality Vs. The Optimist
Midtown - The Sacrifice of Life EP
Pompeii - Assembly
Thursday - Waiting
New London Fire - I Sing The Body Holographic
Baumer - Come On, Feel It
Pencey Prep - Heartbreak In Stereo
Lindon Puffin - Show Pony
Various - Triumph (NZ Music supports the Breast Cancer Research Trust)
Cobra Starship - ¡Viva La Cobra!
Panic at the Disco - Pretty. Odd.
Bump of Chicken - Yggdrasil
Bump of Chicken - orbital period
Musical Tennis no Ohjisama - Dream Live 3rd
Kato Kazuki - Face
News - Touch
Arashi - Arashi Single Collection 1999-2001
Shuji to Akira - Seishun Amigo
Midnight Youth - The Brave Don't Run
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After losing my morning to reading concert reports and watching videos from the Honda Civic Tour, it's very nice to turn on the radio and hear that Fall Out Boy will be coming back here later in the year ^____^ No news yet on when, but whatever - as long as it's not actually the night before an exam I'm so there. fuck it, I'd probably go anyway, we've ascertained my exam prep is nonexistent in any case.
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This morning I went to the Base to:
1) Look for boots at the Overland sale
2) Buy the Sandi Thom CD, and possibly Panic! At the Disco as well.

I ended up getting:
1) Some non-boot shoes from Overland, and some protective spray too.
2) A floaty kind of top that I intend to wear in the summer over my togs, because I can't conceive of another circumstance where it'd be appropriate.
3) Sushi for lunch.
4) A pretty singlet and a singlet-top from a pyjama set from the Bendon shop - they didn't have any of the pyjama pants in my size.
5) A book of crossword puzzles (they're addictive!)
6) The Sandi Thom CD! Also Tristan Prettyman and the best of Savage Garden. And a Sailor Moon DVD XD

Aha, I shouldn't be allowed to go shopping unsupervised.


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