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Just in case anyone is as out of the loop as me and didn't know there was an LJ Advisory Board election: go vote!

There are links here to information about each of the candidates.

I don't know if LJ actually intends to listen to anything the Advisory Board representative says, but just in case they do, let's not put an asshole there!


In other news: Hi, I'm still alive? I had an interview for a different position at Work, but I didn't get it. I can't wait until B Semester starts, because I'm stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment. I need to do something different.

Also, wtf, I'm reading TezuFuji. Where have my principles gone? I had a craving for Fuji-fic, but I've had to read a lot of crap before finally finding some good stuff to hopefully fill this need and let me return safely from the dark side. The main problem is that a LOT of authors seem to think Fuji is actually a girl, whereas I want awesome, weird, strong, possibly-even-seme (though I don't think I'm likely to find that in my rather haphazard searching) Fuji. My life, so hard.
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It just doesn't feel like a proper fandom until I've found the obligatory vampire AU *__*

It's the one case where I don't even care about quality (well, within limits), it just pushes all my buttons. uuhhh. So hot.

And this particular one isn't even just a vampire!fic; it's also magicalbond!fic and wing!fic ^__^


"a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow" and "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls" and "i am leaving i am leaving but the fighter still remains". i actually love simon and garfunkel lyrics so muuuuch.

not quite as much as "ここからはじまる glory days" though. That line has become a bit of an obsession. I'm probably going to design a motivational poster for my pinboard with that quote ♥ First I just have to decide what exactly constitutes "glory days" for me though, which is really a lot harder than it sounds. If I could sort that out I'd pretty much be on top of my main problems in life right now.
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I love that no matter what the main pairing is, every TeniPuri fic manages to imply Fujicest XD
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I am so unspeakably thankful for broadband. Back in highschool, no matter how much of an anime fangirl I was in my heart, I couldn't actually watch anything because my dialup was so crap. But now... in less than two weeks I have consumed the entire 178 episodes of TeniPuri, plus 19 OVAs (the last 4 of which were crappy raws on youtube, that's how desperate I was), the animated movie, two of the musicals (Hyotei in Winter and Dream Live 3rd - I really love the second cast and Hyotei a lot, I'm scared to watch anything without them in it), and now I've just found the motherlode of manga downloads, so I've got 378 of those to download XD

This is pretty much the worst time for a new obsession, when I'm meant to be focussing on RL, at which I'm epically failing :/
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Apparently something doesn't have to be a song to get stuck in my head. Anything with some kind of rhythm will do, and as such Hyotei's awesome "katsu no wa hyotei, shousa wa atobe" chant was stuck in my head all morning at work :/ (and there's a fandom I'm a couple of years late to, wow. I could have discovered this back when these goddamn Tenimyu downloads were still active, and when I could find manga scanlations rather than just advice to find such and avoid the official translation, lotta use that is).

more complaining. don't be fooled, i do love the gay tennis really )


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