Jul. 13th, 2011

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I feel like I've been busy recently, but now that I come to write about it I really haven't done much. I think I just feel like I haven't had enough free time because I've had things to do on the weekends and stuff to work on at nights.

So, things! My uncle got married last weekend! The wedding was really small, just 14 guests, and was held in a restaurant in Devonport. It was actually nice having just a simple ceremony with family and a couple of close friends there rather than the full production. I was the driver for the bridal vehicle (my sister's car), and we arrived the requisite 20 minutes late due to the bouquet having been forgotten XD The ceremony was short and sweet (though the celebrant got on my nerves a little bit), and the lunch afterwards was delicious. The bride's Mum had made a booklet entitled "A modern love story" with photos and the story of how the couple met (online!) which she read out. The weather co-operated, and we were able to take some nice photos outside as well, which I'm looking forward to getting copies of.

In less happy news, last Tuesday night some asshole cut all four tyres on my car while it was parked on the road outside my house, so I got to spend a day's time and a week's pay getting new tyres organised (while having a cold as well!). I just don't understand why someone would do that - even though it costs me money, it's not like they're getting any of it. Surely it can't be that much fun :/

This coming Saturday is my work's Midwinter Party, and this year it's cartoon characters and superheroes themed so I'm busy getting my costume ready. Sewing is harder than I thought it would be....

And tonight I'm going to see Harry Potter!! Just filling in time until midnight now - lucky I have so much sewing to work on :)


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