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I realise no one else cares, but this is primarily my own journal and i like photos.  So!  My Christmas, a fairly brief picspam.
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HTMLing all those fucking pictures is too hard, i should learn to actually use semagic's handy fuctions for such things. wait, that comment was while I was still trying to work out Scrapbook.

I think I'm going to regret pissing people off with all this spam when I'm soberer :/ And showing just how shit my natural writing style is when I'm not in a state to edit for coherency.
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After having lunch with the family at the French place in Casabella Lane today, I bought a jacket of absolute awesome! I liked it but was a bit iffy about the price, but when my Mum saw it and said "It looks a bit like a My Chemical Romance jacket, doesn't it?" I was sold. She knows my motivations so well :P

Also at lunch I mentioned wanting to move to Melbourne and they were just like "Oh.... thanks for telling us, that means we don't need to buy another car". So now it's looking rather more likely to happen! On one hand, awesome, but on the other, I was only just beginning to consider it, and now my family are talking like I'm definitely leaving soon :/
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I've washed, dried, wiped, vacuumed, ironed and generally tidied, and now I'm ready to have my family back. Of course in a couple of days I'll be ready to get rid of them again and have my freedom, but I do kinda miss them after a week. Of course I'll have to get used to fitting my activities around them again, and not singing at the top of my voice at 11pm, and keeping all my fangirl squees inside - no random exclamations of band boys' names when I'm reading :| It's been fun being able to let loose with that stuff for a while.

First day of classes went okay. The semester (my last one!!) shouldn't be too terrible, though I'm doing two chem papers and only one bio, so that'll be interesting. Especially the Organic labs which started today. Bets on how long it'll take me to blow something up?
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Well, the family should be halfway to Singapore by now. I hope Dad's coping with the flight okay (i.e. the drugs are working). It's gonna be weird being alone for over a week, but I'm all prepared with various stuff to do and stocked up on junk food. Though I did make actual dinner tonight, even if of the "Thanks Patak's" variety (and at a decent hour too! doesn't tend to happen when I'm left to my own devices). I had to do something somewhat food-y to make up for the whole pack of Squiggles I ate this afternoon ;) Also, having some beer, and apparently my alcohol tolerance is zero. So. That's my excuse for this post's disjointedness.

I want to listen through all my itunes. I'm partway into the 'A's!! Wahey! (I have 3 days, 8 hours, 4 minutes and 14 seconds of music, apparently)

Better go do some dishes :(

ETA: Damn, I'd better go to bed at a decent time tonight - gotta listen to the Morning Madhouse tomorrow, they're talking to Patrick Stump and announcing the FOB show dates :)
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These two weeks are finally over. I just finished writing up my first three genetics labs, and even though I'm fairly certain I haven't included everything that should be in there I just can't be bothered anymore. It's not worth that much anyway.

I had tests in all my papers last week, and did better than I expected on all of them :D I was disproportionately pleased by this rather illegible scribble on my genetics test
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Back at Fraser I was so used to getting smileys all the time from Ms Clemens and sometimes from Mr Hope, it just makes me so much happier about my mark when the teacher says that it's good ^__^

In other news, my Dad bought a motorbike.
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He's been wanting one ever since he got rid of his old one before I was born, but in the last year or so he's been talking about it all the time. I'm gonna feel a bit worried whenever he's riding it, but it's made him happy, so I'll handle it.


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