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These things probably should have each had their own entries, but I'm lazy. So, a quick overview:

Last Month: I started taking some drugs to hopefully clear up my skin. It's not like it was terrible, but I'm sick of looking like a teenager :P They're working too, yay! But I can't drink for the next 4 months. I'm starting have dreams about vodka :/

Last Week: I joined a karate club! I've only gone twice so far, but it's been super-fun :D Even though I pretty much suck (even at the warm-ups)

Just now: First time I've bought something online since the financial world went all to hell. Damn, that exchange rate hurts!

Next Week: My one and only exam. I only need to get 75% to get an A+, so I'm completely unstressed. I wish there would be something to show for it to motivate me to make more of an effort.

Next Month: ...I lied, I have another exam. I'm giving the JLPT 3-kyuu a go. It might be a bit much, I have a lot of vocab I'll need to memorize before then. But I thought the 4-kyuu would be a bit too easy, so. I'd better study a lot in the next month.

Next Year: Hopefully (admissions committees willing) I'll be going on exchange in Japan in B Semester :D So excited! (as long as I don't think too hard about it, because then I just get terrified XD )
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I think I should have my credit card taken away from me between the hours of 10pm and 8am, because it's always stupid times like now that I decide to spend $100 on j-pop CDs :/

My first use of the JPop tag on is a foursome fic. I think this is an auspicious start to my reading in this fandom :D
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... I just bought more CDs in one purchase than I ever had in an entire year before this year :/ Anyway, Eyeball Records are having a sale, and so I bought most of the albums for the songs that were on the Eyeball sampler that came with Bullets, plus some other stuff too. Yay new music!

And that's pushed my music-purchasing over the edge, so now I've officially bought more this year than in the previous 20 years of my life put together.
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After having lunch with the family at the French place in Casabella Lane today, I bought a jacket of absolute awesome! I liked it but was a bit iffy about the price, but when my Mum saw it and said "It looks a bit like a My Chemical Romance jacket, doesn't it?" I was sold. She knows my motivations so well :P

Also at lunch I mentioned wanting to move to Melbourne and they were just like "Oh.... thanks for telling us, that means we don't need to buy another car". So now it's looking rather more likely to happen! On one hand, awesome, but on the other, I was only just beginning to consider it, and now my family are talking like I'm definitely leaving soon :/
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Today I did the worst on a test I've ever done (even worse than first year phys-chem, and I never thought that was possible). This is because my procrastination skills have gone beyond funny into the ridiculous: I get motivated enough to study after I've done a test. So I basically crammed for an hour before, and now I want to write out notes so I won't do so badly on the final exam :/ (um. or tag old entries and watch LotMS again. omg. frank's piercings, i miss them. his nose ring makes me want one).

Also: this shirt = cutest ever, y/n?

ETA: I've been listening to so many covers recently. Previously I hadn't really seen the point in having versions of a song other than the official one but. This (Brendon Urie's voice also his FACE, man, I'm obviously going through a Brendon phase) and this and also this new one by Fall Out Boy, which I'll maybe get to hear live in LESS THAN A WEEK, OMG, have changed my mind pretty thoroughly :D
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Why are skinny jeans invariably shorter than normal jeans of the same size? It really sucks. These ones are okay, but my ankles show when I sit down :| Why can't they just make them universally longer, and the short people get them taken up? Coz there's not much us tall types can do about stupid too-short pants.

ETA: a couple of days later this is still pissing me off, especially after seeing several people at uni with them turned up a good 10cm or so! ARGH!


Jul. 5th, 2007 10:06 pm
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Man, there are some shoes at Overland that I really covet, but I can't imagine any situation in my life where green knee-high boots will be the correct footwear choice :( I did buy some green Converse today though, so life is still good. (Freakishly, the sister also bought Converse today over in Singapore, though hers are silver).

I need to stop spending so much money. I do not actually need any more shoes! Someone take away my EFTPOS card.

(Why have I started using this icon more now I'm not in QAF anymore? It's like the icon I use when nothing else is appropriate, because pantsless Justin is never bad! What I really needed for this post was probably a Spencer Smith icon though. But I have none! Because he really doesn't do much for me :| I dunno, don't hurt me?)

What is wrong with me!! I'll shut up now. I haven't even been drinking any coffee! So why all the !!!!!!!!!!!?
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I thought my two pairs of boots from the Number 1 Shoe Warehouse were a great buy, at $9.99 each. Then I tried to walk to the library in one of them today, and developed huge blisters on the back of my ankles and one of my toes, and had to walk home alternating between feet half in boots, bare feet, or one foot in boot and one bare :( I think it's just because I really needed a bigger size - but they didn't have any, and I really wanted the boots :P

I seem to dress weirdly a disproportionate amount of the times when I go to the library (I can't work out how to make that sentence gramatically correct!). The Mum of a girl I went to primary school with works there, I wonder what impression she gets of me? Also, if I'm returning books I always try and put them on the counter when she's not looking, because I really don't want anyone in my Mum's gossip circles seeing what I read. Nothing bad, just lots of young adult fiction and books on various religions, which I can't be bothered explaining to people.
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This morning I went to the Base to:
1) Look for boots at the Overland sale
2) Buy the Sandi Thom CD, and possibly Panic! At the Disco as well.

I ended up getting:
1) Some non-boot shoes from Overland, and some protective spray too.
2) A floaty kind of top that I intend to wear in the summer over my togs, because I can't conceive of another circumstance where it'd be appropriate.
3) Sushi for lunch.
4) A pretty singlet and a singlet-top from a pyjama set from the Bendon shop - they didn't have any of the pyjama pants in my size.
5) A book of crossword puzzles (they're addictive!)
6) The Sandi Thom CD! Also Tristan Prettyman and the best of Savage Garden. And a Sailor Moon DVD XD

Aha, I shouldn't be allowed to go shopping unsupervised.


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