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Saw OotP last night, but spent the whole time anticipating DH movie. Tracey's sister wasn't scary! Tracey has seen all the movies but not read any of the books; she's gonna read them after all the movies are done. Wrong way around, I think.

I'm tired, only posting this because I remembered just before going to bed.


Jul. 4th, 2007 04:56 pm
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I have had a very girly day. Eyebrows waxed (by a girl who looked a little like Mikey Way! to my one-track mind). Hair cut! Nails painted! etc etc. Yay! And tonight I'm finally going to see PotC3 (or maybe tomorrow, since tonight's doesn't end until like 11pm). All in all, a good day :)

OMG, my bandom pictures folder has exceeded 1000 files. After 2 months. It is very nearly twice the size of my QAF folder, which has been growing for 2 years.
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Tonight I went and saw The Constant Gardener with Mum and Dad - they always go see movies that I haven't heard of or don't really care about, and then come home raving about how brilliant they were, so I thought I'd go with. It was really good. I cried (don't I always?). If I go broke I've donated all my money to children in Africa.

While I was there I picked up the brochure for the summer season at Rialto - Brokeback Mountain opens here on February 23. Yay, gay cowboys! And Howl's Moving Castle's going to be showing as well, so I didn't actually have to make such a mish out of seeing it this year. If they show it in Japanese I might go see it again, since it was on at a stupid time this year.

Work is good. I might finish this week, but hopefully there'll be more stuff to do in January. I really want more money.
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Saw Howl's Moving Castle today. OMG why did I not know that Howl would be so gorgeous? Or that he was voiced by Christian Bale? So this is the first Christian Bale movie I've seen.

I think I have a problem with Studio Ghibli guys, I had the same reaction to Haku after seeing Spirited Away XD

I would have liked to have seen it in Japanese, but that version's on at 8.15pm on Tuesday, which isn't exactly a good time :(

Unfortunately I was seeing the movie with some friends of the family and kids so my comments, which mostly would have consisted of asjfijfidjHOWL!!11 had to stay on the inside.

(Yes, I realise that I'm strange. Shut up.)


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