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So, I think I might go see Panic at the Disco later this year, even though I'm really only clinging to the outskirts of the fandom now.  Concerts are fun.  And TAI are supporting, so, 2 bandom bands?  It's worth it.  (The question is, will they have Streetwise Scarlet as a first opener as is traditional for shows I go to?)

I had a phone interview for a job this morning, and while I know I won't be the best applicant, I don't think I hopelessly fucked it up  \o/

ETA: stepmania = great fun. Tonight was my second go at playing it, and I managed to go from not being able to pass Butterfly on Light, to getting a B :D

Okay, and then I was sick because all that jumping around on a stomach full of brownie wasn't really my smartest idea ever.

But! Yay for fun exercise. Now I just need to find some more songs I actually like, because a lot of them just make me want to stab my eardrums.


Oct. 31st, 2007 01:50 pm
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Happy Frank's Birthday, everyone! I almost wrote something for the occasion, but then I remembered why I'm a lurker rather than a writer (namely, I suck and don't have any patience - I kept writing half a sentence then skipping ahead to the next interesting bit, and ended up quitting after about 200 words). It was going to be Frank/girl!Mikey, but Mikey was pretty much my Mary Sue because if I was going to attend some hypothetical fandom Halloween party, she'd be the one I'd dress as (hair tucked inside black and white glasses, my new black jacket, tight jeans, my Dad's work boots - easy! Unfortunately there's not much I can do about my lack of Mikey's jawline or his lack of my hips).

I already heard back from the job I applied to at 10pm yesterday, saying they didn't want me for that position but I could look at their other vacancies - why can't Fonterra follow their example and at least let me know?! After exams finish I'll have to start seriously looking in other places.
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I really really hate writing covering letters :/ Formal writing does not come naturally to me (well, nor does any other type of writing, but in most cases it doesn't actually matter like this). Anyway, I just applied for a job in Melbourne, but it's only a 4-6 month contract so not really what I'm looking for. Eh, I don't have the sort of experience they really want anyway, but thought I should at least act like I'm making an effort here.

(I should be putting this effort into studying for the two exams I have left, because otherwise saying I'm a 'soon-to-be-graduate' might not be so true after all).


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