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I realise no one else cares, but this is primarily my own journal and i like photos.  So!  My Christmas, a fairly brief picspam.
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HTMLing all those fucking pictures is too hard, i should learn to actually use semagic's handy fuctions for such things. wait, that comment was while I was still trying to work out Scrapbook.

I think I'm going to regret pissing people off with all this spam when I'm soberer :/ And showing just how shit my natural writing style is when I'm not in a state to edit for coherency.
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It was my last day working with Tracey today - we don't work on the same days in the week, and I'm away next Saturday for study leave, and I can't go to her farewell drinks on the 6th because I have an exam the next morning. We were pretty chatty in the morning but by the end of the day she'd gone all silent and angry, and I don't know why. I hope it isn't because I didn't eat lunch with her, because seriously, I was going to but then I barely ended up getting lunch at all, only 20 minutes at about 2pm, because there was so much to do. 14 prosecution BODs! And you can't leave prosecution samples sitting by themselves (oh sorry Your Honour, my friend was sad and wanted me to eat with her, so that's why I can't account for that half hour), so I couldn't go to lunch until I was done. Grah. So I felt kinda bad about that at the end of the day but! She has been convincing me that I really do want to go live in Melbourne :/ So yeah, maybe I'll see her there!

I'm drunk (that was in my semagic draft, and really it needs no embellishment. Just realise this whole thing was written while this state was wearing off. Oh lol. I always write all kinds of nonsensical half-sentences in Semagic with plans to flesh them out later, but often I just get bored and end up deleting them. Like so: u\is it weird that i fell dislyoal to gee for li;stening to mcr while drinking/ but well. Hoboken show reports! of course i'm listiening to mcr. but work was utter arse today. 14 prosecution bods what the fuck, that'js riduvtulus. so im drankinf)(even when I'm sober my notes-to-self tend to look like that, sadly).

(By drunk, I only mean 2 beers and 2 wines. So not really. Just tipsy! Haha, how much do I hate the world that 4 drinks isn't really considered anything? But that is a whole different rant that I'll probably never have because it is rather hypocritical.)

(I will stop now. I keep wanting to add more stuff but it all belongs in parentheses. I keep forgetting to press the spacebar also.)

Oh god, I am a chatty drunk :/ Maybe I need to maintain a low level of intoxication all the time and then I'd be less of a shut-in.


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