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ここからはじまる[ profile] glorydays   XD

(あの[ profile] glorydaysと言うLJに日本語だけで書いてみる~! むずかしいですががんばる。)

That is to say:

[...lame joke that only TeniPuri fans would get. my bad habit of quoting songs at random times hits again....]

In that [ profile] glorydays LJ I'll try and write only in Japanese. It's hard, but I'll do my best.
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So everything I said about uni being over foreverrr.... I lied. :D

That is to say:  七月から大学で日本語を勉強するつもりです~!

I'll keep on working as many hours as possible while studying part time - there's one class per day so it'll be a bit awkward. I still have to sort hours and things out with work.

After I've seen how things will fit I'll decide where I'll live. If it's just working before or after class I'll probably stay at home since it's cheaper, but if it's working all day and just taking time out for class I'll really need to get a place over in Hamilton East so I can bike around, since finding a park near work or uni takes so long.

I just think I should do this now, rather than getting caught up in work and then looking around in 10 years time and finding that I'm stuck.

(... I can have steak on rice again~! Let's concentrate on that rather than 'I can have tests and horrible horrible speaking assessments' D: )


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