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Final marks from Uni are online now. So at the end of my first year, my marks are:
Social and Moral Philosophy: A
Cellular and Molecular Biology: A
The Biology of Organisms: A-
Chemical Concepts: A
Chemical Change and Organic Compounds: C+
Environmental Science: A
Surface of the Earth: A-
Introduction to Statistical Methods: A+
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Welcome home, [ profile] littel_bunny!

Interesting day today, in that I got blasted by wind, rain, sand, salt and hail. It was the Earth Science field trip, which pretty much involved standing around on roadsides, fields and beaches and looking at dirt. Fun. Hail really hurts, jeans take a long time to dry off, and cafe workers look at you funny when you come in for lunch completely drenched.

Only two more weeks of class, and most of the tests are done already. I suppose I'd better start thinking about the exams soon though D:

Everything's so different from last year. I was so stressed all the time, and kept swinging between deliriously happy and utterly depressed. But now I'm just so relaxed! Even when I had a test coming up in a class where I'd been to less than half of the lectures, I hardly worried at all. And I'm way happier with myself, despite having no friends. Hopefully I'll keep feeling this good for a long time :)


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