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I am so unspeakably thankful for broadband. Back in highschool, no matter how much of an anime fangirl I was in my heart, I couldn't actually watch anything because my dialup was so crap. But now... in less than two weeks I have consumed the entire 178 episodes of TeniPuri, plus 19 OVAs (the last 4 of which were crappy raws on youtube, that's how desperate I was), the animated movie, two of the musicals (Hyotei in Winter and Dream Live 3rd - I really love the second cast and Hyotei a lot, I'm scared to watch anything without them in it), and now I've just found the motherlode of manga downloads, so I've got 378 of those to download XD

This is pretty much the worst time for a new obsession, when I'm meant to be focussing on RL, at which I'm epically failing :/
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Apparently something doesn't have to be a song to get stuck in my head. Anything with some kind of rhythm will do, and as such Hyotei's awesome "katsu no wa hyotei, shousa wa atobe" chant was stuck in my head all morning at work :/ (and there's a fandom I'm a couple of years late to, wow. I could have discovered this back when these goddamn Tenimyu downloads were still active, and when I could find manga scanlations rather than just advice to find such and avoid the official translation, lotta use that is).

more complaining. don't be fooled, i do love the gay tennis really )
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The very first fic I read after devouring all the episodes of Hikaru no Go (having read the manga 3 or 4 years ago) inspired me to do a picture.

The fic's over here: Their Eternal Rivalry (in five rounds) by [ profile] akira_chan.

I really loved the use of the symbolism of Go throughout, and, well, I've always been a sucker for kisses. SO:

Black opens the game. Hikaru/Akira, PG for boykissing? )
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...and did that CD cover meme. ) My photoshop has no interesting fonts though, so it's pretty boring :/

Also, while I'm here: an amazing AMV featuring my (re)current obsession. Into The Fire by Dark Krystal, LCY84, nestie, and Olw. Read more... )
I don't really know anything about vidding, but the editing in this blew my mind 0_o I could have watched it over and over and find something new to admire each time.

It was also done in an interesting way, in that each of the four creators made a vid using the same song and source material, and then the best parts of each were combined to make this. It seems unbelievable to me that this wasn't designed as one cohesive vid, but then I guess people who can vid as well as these folk clearly can would have no problem combining four vids into one.


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