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Just in case anyone is as out of the loop as me and didn't know there was an LJ Advisory Board election: go vote!

There are links here to information about each of the candidates.

I don't know if LJ actually intends to listen to anything the Advisory Board representative says, but just in case they do, let's not put an asshole there!


In other news: Hi, I'm still alive? I had an interview for a different position at Work, but I didn't get it. I can't wait until B Semester starts, because I'm stuck in a bit of a rut at the moment. I need to do something different.

Also, wtf, I'm reading TezuFuji. Where have my principles gone? I had a craving for Fuji-fic, but I've had to read a lot of crap before finally finding some good stuff to hopefully fill this need and let me return safely from the dark side. The main problem is that a LOT of authors seem to think Fuji is actually a girl, whereas I want awesome, weird, strong, possibly-even-seme (though I don't think I'm likely to find that in my rather haphazard searching) Fuji. My life, so hard.
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ここからはじまる[ profile] glorydays   XD

(あの[ profile] glorydaysと言うLJに日本語だけで書いてみる~! むずかしいですががんばる。)

That is to say:

[...lame joke that only TeniPuri fans would get. my bad habit of quoting songs at random times hits again....]

In that [ profile] glorydays LJ I'll try and write only in Japanese. It's hard, but I'll do my best.
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Urgh, I'm to tired to fix up this crap I noted down last night. Bullet points regarding the sister's prizegiving/graduation: )


Went out for dinner with the parents tonight, just because the sister was at Leavers' Dinner. I am so full now, but everything was so good. It ended up being a celebration, because just before we went I checked i.waikato and my results were back - I passed everything! Woot, I'll get to wear the gown next April :D

I didn't do brilliantly, but then I didn't put in the effort. This year's marks:

BIOL241: Microbiology: Form, Function and Metabolism: B
BIOL310: Advanced Genetics: A-
BIOL351: Advanced Biochemistry: B
CHEM201: Organic Chemistry: B
CHEM305: Environmental, Forensic, Toxicological and Medicinal Chemistry: B-
BIOL341: Microbial Physiology and Ecology: B

So I guess that makes a B+ average over my whole degree. Whatev, it won't matter once I get a job.


I forgot that my paid time was about to expire, so I didn't organise for the right icons to remain active. Damn. I'll pay again just to sort that out. Anyway, I've grown attached to having more than 6 icons.


It's clear that the DJ on The Edge today doesn't follow MCR as obsessively as I do. A girl who is a 'huge fan' rang up and won tickets to the show; when asked who her favourite member was she said that she couldn't pick just one, you need the whole band. And obviously neither member of the conversation knew that in fact 2/5 of said band will be missing when they're here, which I thought was a bit strange considering The Edge are the station promoting the show.


Jul. 18th, 2007 04:06 pm
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You know what really sucks? When you have fic open in tabs to read and then the journal goes flocked/deleted :/

Also, uploading moodthemes. Why so monotonous, lj?



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