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Full-time hours from next week, yay! Money money money!

To celebrate, I blew all of this week's pay on Japanese study books :/ Oh man, shipping costs on books are a bitch. $150 of books, $50 of shipping. Anyway, I can finally has the furigana dictionary I've wanted for years but have never seen in a store.

Also, my bookmarks have only just exceeded 200. I'm so slack at bookmarking, but then I didn't start doing it until after I'd read most of my favourite fics in bandom and I can't be bothered going back and adding them. I really really love my tags though, they've been useful a few times recently for finding fics I knew I'd read before. Hopefully they'll continue to be useful and pretty when I get up into the thousands (however far in the future that may be).

... I need to add some more though, length and more detail on the fic type, but I can't be bothered fixing it for all of them. Maybe I'll just start from now on.

And I just recently started using "ToRead", which I'm afraid is going to cause a mess when I never get around to reading that stuff. I just needed to get rid of the ~100 tabs I had open in Firefox.
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Who the hell writes these online market research surveys? After spending 10 minutes answering questions about my impressions of Ferrit and my last purchase there (without ever being asked if I had in fact ever bought anything off them), the next question is "Have you ever heard of an online shopping site called Ferrit?" followed by "Did you buy anything there?" :/

I don't even want to know how I did on my Organic test this morning. I had meant to study, really, but instead I spent all of yesterday afternoon in bed reading fic, barely able to keep my eyes open. And I got an email just before saying our lab reports are ready to be picked up, so I'll go get that tomorrow and then know how screwed I am going into the exam D:


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