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Nov. 23rd, 2007 10:02 pm
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We have new people at work (I was introduced to them as "one of the longest-serving members of the team", which, wow. I hadn't realised.) but I really can't be bothered trying to bond with them* or whatever when I'll hopefully be leaving soon. Anyway, J already has two strikes in terms of the chances of us becoming friends - 1. the first time I saw her she was talking about drunkenness with BBE. 2. her description in the Friday Flier lists her interests as... something, something else, and "hitting the town". Eh, I have huge inexplicable issues with drinking culture in general, so people who actually consider it one of their defining interests are probably not my kind of people. But B, I'm not sure how I feel. I think either I'd end up either really liking him or really not, we haven't interacted enough yet to know which. He gave a good first impression (funny! tall!) but then today I felt like he thought I was stupid... probably that was just me being way oversensitive though. We shall see.

* I don't know, is being sociable a constant effort for everyone or is that just me? It's not that I'm mean by nature or anything, I just tend to ignore people. And I really suck at making conversation :/

I feel like if I'm going to be a grownup I should stop talking about all my work people by name on LJ... not much point while I'm at this job where I've already talked about everyone, but best to get out of the habit now. Thus the new people have no names! Also BBE = Best Boss Ever. Hopefully I won't have anything to say about anyone else, because I don't know what I'd call them.

Going to [ profile] littel_bunny's 21st tomorrow. It's the first 21st I've ever been to, so at this point probably the only one I ever will... wait, no, the sister will probably have one, so I might go to that. I haven't driven over the divvy in a couple of years, and I never liked it, so doing that in the evening after work will be interesting.

ETA: So, that anonymeme. I'm trying to comment to anyone I have anything to say about, in hopes that the commenting-habit will stick after the meme is over. My aim is to comment more often on stuff so that next time one of these memes occurs some people will actually know me so I can put my name in. It all seems kind of pointless effort though, when I know that to become popular you need to be a decent writer :/

Anyway, at the least I have to try and befriend some of the Melbourne fangirls, because trying to move there* knowing only one person is a bit stupidly optimistic of my coping skills.

*I really am still planning on it. Thinking about it makes me feel excited, unlike in 7th form when the thought of moving away made me feel ill and depressed, so I am thinking that's a good sign :D
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I feel like one of the cool people :DDDDD *proves self wrong by jumping around like a loser*

Haha, I express this sentiment to my Mum by saying "I have friends!" and she's like ".... a friend". I love my family.
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Welcome home, [ profile] littel_bunny!

Interesting day today, in that I got blasted by wind, rain, sand, salt and hail. It was the Earth Science field trip, which pretty much involved standing around on roadsides, fields and beaches and looking at dirt. Fun. Hail really hurts, jeans take a long time to dry off, and cafe workers look at you funny when you come in for lunch completely drenched.

Only two more weeks of class, and most of the tests are done already. I suppose I'd better start thinking about the exams soon though D:

Everything's so different from last year. I was so stressed all the time, and kept swinging between deliriously happy and utterly depressed. But now I'm just so relaxed! Even when I had a test coming up in a class where I'd been to less than half of the lectures, I hardly worried at all. And I'm way happier with myself, despite having no friends. Hopefully I'll keep feeling this good for a long time :)


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