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Urgh, I'm to tired to fix up this crap I noted down last night. Bullet points regarding the sister's prizegiving/graduation: )


Went out for dinner with the parents tonight, just because the sister was at Leavers' Dinner. I am so full now, but everything was so good. It ended up being a celebration, because just before we went I checked i.waikato and my results were back - I passed everything! Woot, I'll get to wear the gown next April :D

I didn't do brilliantly, but then I didn't put in the effort. This year's marks:

BIOL241: Microbiology: Form, Function and Metabolism: B
BIOL310: Advanced Genetics: A-
BIOL351: Advanced Biochemistry: B
CHEM201: Organic Chemistry: B
CHEM305: Environmental, Forensic, Toxicological and Medicinal Chemistry: B-
BIOL341: Microbial Physiology and Ecology: B

So I guess that makes a B+ average over my whole degree. Whatev, it won't matter once I get a job.


I forgot that my paid time was about to expire, so I didn't organise for the right icons to remain active. Damn. I'll pay again just to sort that out. Anyway, I've grown attached to having more than 6 icons.


It's clear that the DJ on The Edge today doesn't follow MCR as obsessively as I do. A girl who is a 'huge fan' rang up and won tickets to the show; when asked who her favourite member was she said that she couldn't pick just one, you need the whole band. And obviously neither member of the conversation knew that in fact 2/5 of said band will be missing when they're here, which I thought was a bit strange considering The Edge are the station promoting the show.
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Yesterday I attempted to make a start on my "eh, I'll do it in the holidays" list that's been building up for a couple of months by tidying my cupboard. Well, nothing much has been thrown away, but the memories are always fun (it's why what should be an hour's task takes me a whole day)

~ Stories Nic and I wrote on the typewriter at Grandma and Grandad's for something to do... literary classics with lines like "snort i noticed u nticin me so i came over to anollage u to say i saw u shakin u pony bum at me snort" and "the depressed girl walked into town feeling sad that the only 'person' who would hit on her was a high donkey". I really want some more of whatever crack we were on.

~ The cast list from Cinderella when I used to go to Starmakers... people on there who I didn't know at the time but looking at it now I'm like "wtf? they did drama with me?". Several Dio girls, a chick who writes for Nexus, brat I babysat, and some others.

~ Really back in the day, Belinda. "she says me and Jenni are the main suspects for the problem". God I wish I'd written more back then (I was like 9? 10?) because I don't even remember what that feud was about except that it was utterly heartfelt (her: "my mum says you're a bitch and she's right") (wow, thinking on it I don't think I was quite so socially retarded when I was younger... maybe incidents like this "ex-best-friend turned utter cow" helped turn me into my paranoid distrustful emotionally distant self! can't believe I only now got that.)

~ Old Japanese exams make me feel smart: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
WHY the FUCK did I stop studying that?!

~ My book of doom from 7th form. This is never getting thrown out. This book is an absolute snapshot of my life in 7th form. There's a diary of our Australia trip. My Japanese speech written out from memory just coz I was bored. Random calculus. Notes from philosophy. Religious musings. Doodles. Essays on Othello. Fanart. And an 'as it happened' diary full of even more emo than this lj at the time, which is fairly impressive. Oh, and records of texts with Barlow: the only couple of months I ever used more than my 500. (god, is it any surprise I'm 'a bit' romantically retarded when the only flirtation I've ever really engaged in involved endearments such as "dark mistress of the realm"?)(don't even ask. Good fucking times though).

On that note, does anyone (Erin, Ruth?) know what Barlow's up to these days? We all know I'm useless at keeping in touch with people, especially with such a weird history to deal with.

~ ... and during the day I get progressively more ridiculous looking as I find and put on gloves, Minnie Mouse ears, and my super-huge Ravenclaw scarf:
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this pic has too much geekery to fit in an arm-length myspace pic, so you get the bathroom mirror myspace pic XD
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These two weeks are finally over. I just finished writing up my first three genetics labs, and even though I'm fairly certain I haven't included everything that should be in there I just can't be bothered anymore. It's not worth that much anyway.

I had tests in all my papers last week, and did better than I expected on all of them :D I was disproportionately pleased by this rather illegible scribble on my genetics test
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Back at Fraser I was so used to getting smileys all the time from Ms Clemens and sometimes from Mr Hope, it just makes me so much happier about my mark when the teacher says that it's good ^__^

In other news, my Dad bought a motorbike.
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He's been wanting one ever since he got rid of his old one before I was born, but in the last year or so he's been talking about it all the time. I'm gonna feel a bit worried whenever he's riding it, but it's made him happy, so I'll handle it.


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