Jul. 31st, 2008 07:57 pm
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Anyone have advice on things to do in Melbourne? Thus far my schedule is looking pretty empty. I have a bunch of brochures that my neighbour gave me to look at, but I thought it'd be easier to seek recommendations first :)

Holy shit, only 3 weeks till holiday time! This semester's going way too fast, I still have stuff to do before then.

(Um, [ profile] stepps? Are you still planning on driving up for the Panic show? Will you have any spare room in you car on the way home? *puppy-dog eyes* I feel kinda failtastic for even asking after being non-existent for however long, but...)
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So, I think I might go see Panic at the Disco later this year, even though I'm really only clinging to the outskirts of the fandom now.  Concerts are fun.  And TAI are supporting, so, 2 bandom bands?  It's worth it.  (The question is, will they have Streetwise Scarlet as a first opener as is traditional for shows I go to?)

I had a phone interview for a job this morning, and while I know I won't be the best applicant, I don't think I hopelessly fucked it up  \o/

ETA: stepmania = great fun. Tonight was my second go at playing it, and I managed to go from not being able to pass Butterfly on Light, to getting a B :D

Okay, and then I was sick because all that jumping around on a stomach full of brownie wasn't really my smartest idea ever.

But! Yay for fun exercise. Now I just need to find some more songs I actually like, because a lot of them just make me want to stab my eardrums.
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Yesterday was AWESOME. (omg 24 hours ago I was 10 metres from MCR)

i don't even know )
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Observations on my trial day collecting links for [ profile] dotcoms_refresh:

  • I ♥ - I think I shall start using it for my own bookmarks

  • If I ever decide to write something, it won't be the worst thing in the fandom, because I'll at least use spellcheck

  • I love people who fake-cut to their own journal when they're crossposting

  • Also people who give full header information, and especially those who go above and beyond and give a wordcount (some only took about 30 seconds to tag when they were all filled out nicely!)

  • Trying to tag fic by the people who didn't give headers reminded me of barcoding the Photography books at Dio, trying to find the author and title and publisher when they format was all 'arty' and the book was in Russian or something

  • I got to use the Bob/Frank/Patrick tag TWICE. Also the Bob/Patrick/VickyT. This makes me happy! Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to actually read the fics

  • I need to learn more about the non-MCR/FOB/P!ATD bands. It took me a while to remember what the real names were to tag 'Sisky/Butcher'

  • This experience reminded me why I don't tend to add communities to my flist. The crossposting! The chaptered fic! The ?skip=120 D:

OMG I tagged something like 80 links, I need to lie down. I should sleep, but I want to read my own flist first!

ETA: D: D: D: D:


Oct. 31st, 2007 01:50 pm
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Happy Frank's Birthday, everyone! I almost wrote something for the occasion, but then I remembered why I'm a lurker rather than a writer (namely, I suck and don't have any patience - I kept writing half a sentence then skipping ahead to the next interesting bit, and ended up quitting after about 200 words). It was going to be Frank/girl!Mikey, but Mikey was pretty much my Mary Sue because if I was going to attend some hypothetical fandom Halloween party, she'd be the one I'd dress as (hair tucked inside black and white glasses, my new black jacket, tight jeans, my Dad's work boots - easy! Unfortunately there's not much I can do about my lack of Mikey's jawline or his lack of my hips).

I already heard back from the job I applied to at 10pm yesterday, saying they didn't want me for that position but I could look at their other vacancies - why can't Fonterra follow their example and at least let me know?! After exams finish I'll have to start seriously looking in other places.
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Yesterday was seriously great! Most I've ever sweated in my life, but so worth it. Um, I'll try to be chronological here? Even though I just want to skip to the good bits.

Read more... )

So yeah. GREAT DAY, WOULD DO AGAIN. and I got to meet fangirls! though I didn't really talk much :/ NEEDS IMPROVEMENT
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Fall Out Boy is close enough now that I've gone past the "squee!!" stage to the "OMG first time going to a concert, first time meeting people from the internets, first time fangirling in RL" stress stage :| Fucking social anxiety. I'm trying to ignore it and concentrate on reading fic and painting my nails but I'm also waiting for a call from [ profile] stepps to arrange the trip up (lol, of course she rings while I'm writing this, HI!! I was trying to hold in squeals while on the phone so I probably sounded like a loser), so that's kind of hard. I really should try to study for my organic test since I'm missing the tutorial tomorrow, but I can't. I need tomorrow to be over so I can stop thinking about all the ways I'm gonna make a dick of myself D:
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  • A few times now I've seen a guy (or maybe several different guys) wearing a Clandestine hoody around Hamilton, and every time it FILLS ME WITH JOY. Yay for random fandom connections in real life! I was mistaken :(

  • [ profile] jocondite said: I think this has become the most welcoming fandom that I've ever been in. YES, so much. I especially noticed this coming straight from QaF, where I... really didn't feel all that welcome, mostly due to my age. I read fic solely via [ profile] bjfic because I didn't want to friend people who had headers telling young people to go away because "the grownups are talking now". Yes, I get that they meant it in an Adult Content Warning kind of way, but others manage to say it in a way that doesn't treat underage folks as idiots. (I wasn't even underage when I was in that fandom! But as someone who has read fic since I was 15, I couldn't ignore it).

    Basically, so much love for bandom! I had been drifting (back towards HP, which I left 2 years ago), but somehow I've spent the last couple of days compulsively following the (extremely polite ♥ ) wank and it's brought back my love. I don't even know.

  • One thing: I want to live where these people who are talking about people being out in school and not using 'gay' as a general insult are. Because its definitely not what I see among my sister's cohort :(

  • Best Boss Ever let us all go down to the bridge to watch the Great Race this afternoon. Woot, Waikato!!! Beat Harvard's asses (not by very much, but). I really wish they'd allow more time in the day's schedule though, because consistently starting late every year is not a good look for an international sporting event, and makes me feel kind of ashamed of my city :| Also, it meant that when we went down at 2:05, which should have been five minutes after the main race started, we saw the end of the women's race. Then we had to go back to work for 20 minutes before coming down again to see the actual event, and even then the race hadn't started. So basically our 10 minute break became about half an hour, not that anyone complained too strenuously about that :P

  • When I was standing there, looking over the heads of my workmates I realised how much of an asshole I'm going to seem at these shows coming up (FOB in THREE WEEKS!!). I mean, I could see over these people my age, and the audience at the shows is going to be considerably younger and shorter. Good for my viewing pleasure, less good in terms of being viciously attacked by any shorties stuck behind me :/

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I've finished my entire iTunes \o/ My 3 days, 7 hours 46 minutes and 13 seconds of music took just over 2 weeks of listening at every available minute spent at home to get through o_0

The My Chem presale has been delayed till Wednesday, which suits me just fine since I have lab from 2-5 tomorrow and didn't want to miss out on best tickets (because My Chem is my FAVOURITE, OMG! I periodically squee out over the fact they're coming to the country even though it's FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS AWAY. I've turned into a teenie fangirl several years too late :| )

... Mum just went to get something from my room and saw the Mooncup advertising stickers that were lying around. She thought they were a joke? I just said it's real, I've used it, and she probably doesn't want to know :P
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(from The Edge website)


Presale 2pm July 17th - go to and register to be able to take advantage of a 24 hour pre sale 2 days before tickets go on sale.

General sale begins Friday July 20th and tickets can be brought from


ETA: trying to buy my Fall Out Boy ticket - what, are there no floor tickets? Or are they just not available in the presale? They're available now, I was just being too impatient :P
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A Monday, really? Whose brilliant idea was that?

ANYWAY - October 1st, Waitakere Trust Stadium, $67, tickets on sale next Thursday at Ticket Direct and Real Groovy.

EEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Can't wait. Though I have no idea what I'm doing with this whole 'buying tickets' and 'going to a big concert' thing. I'll probably manage to screw up.
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After losing my morning to reading concert reports and watching videos from the Honda Civic Tour, it's very nice to turn on the radio and hear that Fall Out Boy will be coming back here later in the year ^____^ No news yet on when, but whatever - as long as it's not actually the night before an exam I'm so there. fuck it, I'd probably go anyway, we've ascertained my exam prep is nonexistent in any case.

One Week

Jun. 15th, 2007 08:11 pm
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Monday: HEROES, WHAT?!

Tuesday: If only I could go back and give my 13-year-old self some advice )
I have no clue why I was in that kind of mood. Just procrastinating from study I think.

Wednesday: Biochem down, it could have gone better.

While flicking through my Micro textbook I got distracted reading a section on STDs. "Avoid sexual activities with individuals from high-risk groups. These include prostitutes (both male and female), promiscuous homosexual men, BISEXUAL INDIVIDUALS, and intravenous drug users..." WHAT the FUCK? Hi, I'm a virgin, and if you have sex with me you should have a blood test for venereal diseases!

Also spent rather too much time drawing in every blank space on my notes rather than reading them. Well, band boys are rather more interesting than the regulation of internal pH in acid conditions XD
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday: Unfortunately yesterday's study method carried over all too well to the Micro exam... The paper's rather covered in doodles, and a few questions were utter mysteries to me. Oops? Think I did okay despite skipping anything to do with antibiotics. And that bit on pH would have been useful after all. Also, finally drew a half-decent looking Gerard (or I thought it looked decent when I had nothing to compare it with, really isn't very good).

Friday: Wow, I'm such a fuck-up. I was utterly off-track in one of my Genetics essays. I'm gonna blame it on the question being so non-specific that I really didn't know what they were asking about.

Anyway, it's all over now! Three weeks' holiday, yayes! Though I already have more things on my to-do list than I have available days D:


May. 12th, 2007 09:20 pm
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How do I love this fandom? Let me count the ways.

~ It's so portable. All I have to do is turn on my ipod and the bands are right there with me. Likewise at work, when I finished listening to my cassette (no CD players for us, no) of FOB, P!atD and MCR and turned back to the radio, I heard the end of some song, then I Don't Love You came on, the guy said he'd heard rumors of MCR coming back to NZ* and I missed whatever came next because I was too busy squeeing out all over the place, and then they played Thnks fr th Mmrs. I mean, total immersion much?

~ So many pairings I can get into. In QAF I was all about the B/J, with occasional forays into other pairings just for variety. But in bandslsh I can have so many favourites, chief among which (for today) is "RyanRoss-is-a-whore", and that's great. :D

~ It's a lifestyle. I can read it, listen to it, dress it, whatever! It doesn't have to be hidden away like HP (omg you like a kids' book!) or QAF (wtf is that?/ omg gay germs!).

~ It's even got my playing my guitar again, after not touching it in... almost two years? Yeah. I still suck though.

~ And of course, the pretty. There are many boys wearing eyeliner. They are canonically very affectionate with each other. I hope I don't have to elaborate.

* I can't find anything about this on the internets, though. Anyway, it made me incredibly happy, even when I started thinking about the logistics of going to a big show when I don't know anyone else who would want to. I would make it happen somehow.
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Nooo, I don't need a new fandom right now! Bandslash is eating my brain. I mean, gorgeous boys in eyeliner plus a higher-than-average percentage of vampire AUs? I am SO there.


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