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Man, I fail at LJ. Still alive, though!!

Um, uni is great. On the first day of class I just couldn't stop smiling, I was so happy to be hearing Japanese from a non-electronic source again. That pure joy only lasted until partway through the second lecture, when we had to pair up and do a speaking exercise, at which point my stomach dropped straight to my toes. It wasn't that bad though, I survived, and we've had to do a few more of these things since then so I'm getting used to it.

We had a vocab and kanji quiz last Tuesday, and I got 15/15 and a smiley-face stamp :D I felt like myself again after 3 1/2 years!

There's an assignment due on Thursday, but I'm almost done, none of this last-minute crap this time around. Not yet, anyway.

I'm still working 32 hours a week, so I'm a little bit exhausted. Thursday and Sunday are my days off so I don't get a proper weekend :(

Plus I've suddenly somehow become multi-fannish, something I'd never managed before. Always when I came across a new fandom I'd throw myself at it and ignore the old ones, but in the last 2 weeks I've read fic/doujinshi in Tenipuri, Hikago, Code Geass, Gintama, J-Pop, and Bandom. Oh, and that one Iron Man fic. Plus I finished an actual novel for the first time in ages.

I'd better go to bed, I'm trying to get my sleep patterns back to normal after staying awake way too late all last week. jya, oyasumi!
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It just doesn't feel like a proper fandom until I've found the obligatory vampire AU *__*

It's the one case where I don't even care about quality (well, within limits), it just pushes all my buttons. uuhhh. So hot.

And this particular one isn't even just a vampire!fic; it's also magicalbond!fic and wing!fic ^__^


"a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow" and "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls" and "i am leaving i am leaving but the fighter still remains". i actually love simon and garfunkel lyrics so muuuuch.

not quite as much as "ここからはじまる glory days" though. That line has become a bit of an obsession. I'm probably going to design a motivational poster for my pinboard with that quote ♥ First I just have to decide what exactly constitutes "glory days" for me though, which is really a lot harder than it sounds. If I could sort that out I'd pretty much be on top of my main problems in life right now.
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I haven't gone to sleep before 3am for the last 3 nights. I don't feel tired, but I think I must be a bit sleep-deprived, because I've cried at all of the last 3 fics I've read. Admittedly, two of them had character deaths, but an elderly side-character dying of a heart attack should not make me bawl my eyes out. And the one I'm reading at the moment didn't even have a death to make me cry, just this line: That night Touya dreamed strange dreams, of one white stone mixed among the black, of death by water and a want that lasted a thousand years.

Which, I suppose, kind of counts because it's a reference to Sai's death, but it's also a canon fact, so why is it tearing me up now?

On another fic-related note: come on people, know your fandom terminology!! a 482 word story is NOT a drabble!! I think in future when collecting links for dotcoms, I won't bother opening the cut, but take people's word for it if they say it's a drabble. I'm not going to reward people who use terms they don't understand the meaning of, and it will break my brain if I'm obliged to tag a 'drabble' that's over 500 words. Actual drabbles require some craftsmanship and skill; these few-hundred word stories are often just unfulfilling crap :/

new people

Nov. 23rd, 2007 10:02 pm
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We have new people at work (I was introduced to them as "one of the longest-serving members of the team", which, wow. I hadn't realised.) but I really can't be bothered trying to bond with them* or whatever when I'll hopefully be leaving soon. Anyway, J already has two strikes in terms of the chances of us becoming friends - 1. the first time I saw her she was talking about drunkenness with BBE. 2. her description in the Friday Flier lists her interests as... something, something else, and "hitting the town". Eh, I have huge inexplicable issues with drinking culture in general, so people who actually consider it one of their defining interests are probably not my kind of people. But B, I'm not sure how I feel. I think either I'd end up either really liking him or really not, we haven't interacted enough yet to know which. He gave a good first impression (funny! tall!) but then today I felt like he thought I was stupid... probably that was just me being way oversensitive though. We shall see.

* I don't know, is being sociable a constant effort for everyone or is that just me? It's not that I'm mean by nature or anything, I just tend to ignore people. And I really suck at making conversation :/

I feel like if I'm going to be a grownup I should stop talking about all my work people by name on LJ... not much point while I'm at this job where I've already talked about everyone, but best to get out of the habit now. Thus the new people have no names! Also BBE = Best Boss Ever. Hopefully I won't have anything to say about anyone else, because I don't know what I'd call them.

Going to [ profile] littel_bunny's 21st tomorrow. It's the first 21st I've ever been to, so at this point probably the only one I ever will... wait, no, the sister will probably have one, so I might go to that. I haven't driven over the divvy in a couple of years, and I never liked it, so doing that in the evening after work will be interesting.

ETA: So, that anonymeme. I'm trying to comment to anyone I have anything to say about, in hopes that the commenting-habit will stick after the meme is over. My aim is to comment more often on stuff so that next time one of these memes occurs some people will actually know me so I can put my name in. It all seems kind of pointless effort though, when I know that to become popular you need to be a decent writer :/

Anyway, at the least I have to try and befriend some of the Melbourne fangirls, because trying to move there* knowing only one person is a bit stupidly optimistic of my coping skills.

*I really am still planning on it. Thinking about it makes me feel excited, unlike in 7th form when the thought of moving away made me feel ill and depressed, so I am thinking that's a good sign :D
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  • A few times now I've seen a guy (or maybe several different guys) wearing a Clandestine hoody around Hamilton, and every time it FILLS ME WITH JOY. Yay for random fandom connections in real life! I was mistaken :(

  • [ profile] jocondite said: I think this has become the most welcoming fandom that I've ever been in. YES, so much. I especially noticed this coming straight from QaF, where I... really didn't feel all that welcome, mostly due to my age. I read fic solely via [ profile] bjfic because I didn't want to friend people who had headers telling young people to go away because "the grownups are talking now". Yes, I get that they meant it in an Adult Content Warning kind of way, but others manage to say it in a way that doesn't treat underage folks as idiots. (I wasn't even underage when I was in that fandom! But as someone who has read fic since I was 15, I couldn't ignore it).

    Basically, so much love for bandom! I had been drifting (back towards HP, which I left 2 years ago), but somehow I've spent the last couple of days compulsively following the (extremely polite ♥ ) wank and it's brought back my love. I don't even know.

  • One thing: I want to live where these people who are talking about people being out in school and not using 'gay' as a general insult are. Because its definitely not what I see among my sister's cohort :(

  • Best Boss Ever let us all go down to the bridge to watch the Great Race this afternoon. Woot, Waikato!!! Beat Harvard's asses (not by very much, but). I really wish they'd allow more time in the day's schedule though, because consistently starting late every year is not a good look for an international sporting event, and makes me feel kind of ashamed of my city :| Also, it meant that when we went down at 2:05, which should have been five minutes after the main race started, we saw the end of the women's race. Then we had to go back to work for 20 minutes before coming down again to see the actual event, and even then the race hadn't started. So basically our 10 minute break became about half an hour, not that anyone complained too strenuously about that :P

  • When I was standing there, looking over the heads of my workmates I realised how much of an asshole I'm going to seem at these shows coming up (FOB in THREE WEEKS!!). I mean, I could see over these people my age, and the audience at the shows is going to be considerably younger and shorter. Good for my viewing pleasure, less good in terms of being viciously attacked by any shorties stuck behind me :/

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Rules: Answer the questions (all of them or only those of them that you want to answer; or add some of your own). Be verbose --your experiences are interesting! Tag three people whose fandom history you want to hear as told by them. I'm limiting this meme to HP only, but you can change it if you wish. Include rules and questions in your post.

Read more... )

In conclusion: Oh god, I've been in and out of this fandom for 5 years and never contributed at all D:
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I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for posts here :| Thank goodness this month is almost over.

The HP mood has come back in a big way!! I've been stuffing myself with epic fic, which is what I've been really missing in other fandoms. I like really long fic with a big plot, big life-and-death type issues, not just the relationship angst; that's why I love AUs so much when I'm reading in real world fandoms like QAF or bandom. Harry Potter will always be the best fandom to come back to for these things though, since it's so huge that I actually have a choice of MANY epic fics :O Basically, it's spoiled me for any other fandom, ever.
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(This entry forward-dated because tomorrow's schedule consists of work then Harry Potter - no time for internets.)

Cute sample reception guy was all dressed up today, so pretty :D Because he had to go to court for a drink-driving thing though, so uncool. Minus 1000000 points.

(I just made sure I have this name at both GreatestJournal and InsaneJournal, in case fandom actually does implode. I don't think it will, but better to be prepared.)

Still not really excited about HP. I'll skim through HBP tonight to remember the important stuff, and read for as long as my eyes hold out tomorrow though, even if I'm not feeling the HP mood at the moment.
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Nooo, I don't need a new fandom right now! Bandslash is eating my brain. I mean, gorgeous boys in eyeliner plus a higher-than-average percentage of vampire AUs? I am SO there.
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OMG end of Loveless <3333333

I knew it was going to be weird after seeing other people's reactions, but guh, so perfect ^__^ The music and everything just made me grin like an idiot. A bit of explanation would have been nice though..
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Finished. I have nothing to say. Except spoilers )

Random spoilers )


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