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Shiibashi Hiroshi (Japan) - Nurarihyon no Mago

Okay, so the first 'book' I'm reading is a manga - not jumping out of my comfort zone just yet. I like the Japanese mythology and such, and I really appreciate that the translator puts a little blurb about the new youkai that pop up at the end of each chapter. I'll definitely keep following this series - luckily it's published in Jump so it won't add to my manga expenses when I'm in Japan XD
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I feel like it's a bit OOC, but I've decided to try and do the [ profile] 50books_poc challenge. Though I'm stretching the rules a little, since I don't actually read many books anymore, so 50 in a year is probably unreasonable.

So my rules for myself:
  • 50 books by POC, however long that takes.
  • I'll let up to 10 be manga, but they've got to be ones that I've never read before.
  • At least 10 to be New Zealand authors.

I'll add more if I think of them.

The few people whose posts about this I've read have been POC who have appreciated reading books where they can see themselves in the characters, where they often don't in many books. For me I suppose it's the opposite - reading books where the characters aren't like me at all. It'll be a learning experience.

I'll try to write a little bit (probably only a sentence or two) about each book as I go, but no promises.


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