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Melbourne is kinda cold, but awesome. )

I have another 10 minutes of internets, then I'd better head back to my motel and get ready to go meet the rest of the internets :D


Jul. 31st, 2008 07:57 pm
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Anyone have advice on things to do in Melbourne? Thus far my schedule is looking pretty empty. I have a bunch of brochures that my neighbour gave me to look at, but I thought it'd be easier to seek recommendations first :)

Holy shit, only 3 weeks till holiday time! This semester's going way too fast, I still have stuff to do before then.

(Um, [ profile] stepps? Are you still planning on driving up for the Panic show? Will you have any spare room in you car on the way home? *puppy-dog eyes* I feel kinda failtastic for even asking after being non-existent for however long, but...)
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Success! I have flights, half of the price of which is last year's Christmas present (as I was given a voucher by the parents for flights to Melbourne back when I was planning on moving there), and I have a good ticket to see Wicked on the evening of August 24th, which is this year's birthday present. Now I just need to book accomodation, but that doesn't seem to be easy this far in advance. Oh, and ask for the week off work :/ But whatever, I have 234 hours of Annual Leave accrued, surely they want me to use some of it up.

I'm excited! First time travelling alone :D
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So I really need a holiday at some point this year, since it's kind of horrible at the moment with nothing to look forward to other than going back to class. Mum suggested I could go to Melbourne and see Wicked, and so yes! that's what I want to do.

The thing is, due to Uni dates, this would mean either going near the start of the show's run (previews end on July 6th, class starts on July 14th), and flights at this time would be expensive since it's school holidays, and I'd have to ask for the time off like now, and it'd be inconvenient for Work due to some circumstances with 1/3 of the Micro branch resigning.

OR, go on the very last day of the run (term ends on August 22nd, show ends August 24th). Flights are about $300 cheaper, since it's not school holidays. Last show = probably awesome, but seems even weirder to be going alone ://. Plus I couldn't very well be in Melbourne that weekend and not go to the Panic show on the 23rd, so there's that too, OMG meeting fangirls is too scary especially when I'm not really in the fandom anymore. And then there's the Auckland show on the 30th, so there's no point returning home before then what with the price of fuel and such, so I'd have to occupy myself in Melbourne from Monday to Thursday of that week, and at about this point my brain overheats and I can't work out what to do D:

... put that way, it doesn't actually look that hard to decide XD But planning, I am bad at it. Flights! Accommodation! I've never had to do this stuff for myself before :|


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