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I really really hate writing covering letters :/ Formal writing does not come naturally to me (well, nor does any other type of writing, but in most cases it doesn't actually matter like this). Anyway, I just applied for a job in Melbourne, but it's only a 4-6 month contract so not really what I'm looking for. Eh, I don't have the sort of experience they really want anyway, but thought I should at least act like I'm making an effort here.

(I should be putting this effort into studying for the two exams I have left, because otherwise saying I'm a 'soon-to-be-graduate' might not be so true after all).
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After having lunch with the family at the French place in Casabella Lane today, I bought a jacket of absolute awesome! I liked it but was a bit iffy about the price, but when my Mum saw it and said "It looks a bit like a My Chemical Romance jacket, doesn't it?" I was sold. She knows my motivations so well :P

Also at lunch I mentioned wanting to move to Melbourne and they were just like "Oh.... thanks for telling us, that means we don't need to buy another car". So now it's looking rather more likely to happen! On one hand, awesome, but on the other, I was only just beginning to consider it, and now my family are talking like I'm definitely leaving soon :/


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