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Yesterday I got a haircut. Today I got a degree. Here's one photo )

My shoe fell off as I went up the steps to the stage; it was really rather mortifying. Luckily the front of the stage was covered with flowers so most of the audience couldn't see, but everyone up on the stage could :/ So I shook the Chancellor's hand and had a photo with the Vice-Chancellor while wearing one shoe. That pretty much tops off my academic career perfectly.
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Yesterday was AWESOME. (omg 24 hours ago I was 10 metres from MCR)

i don't even know )
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Yesterday was seriously great! Most I've ever sweated in my life, but so worth it. Um, I'll try to be chronological here? Even though I just want to skip to the good bits.

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So yeah. GREAT DAY, WOULD DO AGAIN. and I got to meet fangirls! though I didn't really talk much :/ NEEDS IMPROVEMENT

give blood!

Aug. 7th, 2006 02:54 pm
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Finally I can cross something off my imaginary "Things to do before I'm 20" list. I've given up ones like 'first kiss' and things along those lines but there was one I could do all by myself: Give blood.

I've always felt bad about not doing it, but I'm not good with needles and tend to feel faint at the sight of blood (ie when visiting my Grandad in hospital and his drip fell out, or when doing dissections). However yesterday I read this fic (and bawled my eyes out) and it kept talking about how wonderful the people were who donated blood for Justin, and yeah. I did it because of a fic *pathetic* But it's based on a true story, so that makes my reasoning slightly less pathetic, and anyway it's the end result that counts, which is that I showed up and let them take my blood. It wasn't as bad as I imagined, and I think most of the discomfort was caused by my being stressed anyway. I'll almost certainly do it again, if only to get the sticker that I forgot to take this time :P


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