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I had intended to do weekly updates on my sewing/craft projects to help keep myself motivated, but you can see how well that's turning out already.

My excuse is that last weekend my parents came to stay so I couldn't do anything on Saturday or Sunday, but that still doesn't really explain why I didn't do at least a little work during the week prior to that.

Anyway, the week just gone has been a little better, though I've mostly worked on little bits of things rather than finishing anything major.

Since my mother is a lovely person and kindly saved me a road trip by bringing me some grey hoodie fabric, I was all ready to begin on my next hoodie! I took part of Monday afternoon off work to complete step one: dyeing the fabric a darker grey.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be an epic fail. I got way too nervous about the prospect of it ending up too dark (since there's no such thing as grey dye, I had to use black and kind of dilute it) and ended up hardly changing the colour at all.

So now I've got a new box of dye and will try again next time we have a fine afternoon! (this is definitely an outside job, I do not want to have to clean that stuff off any surfaces)

Anyway, after that I needed to do something easily achievable, so I painted this shirt:
for cosplay purposes, but it's also conveniently my zodiac sign so it won't be too weird if I end up wearing it randomly as well XD

It was surprisingly satisfying; the only frustrating part was making the tight curves out of masking tape.

(so then why did I make this Photobucket my next painting project? IT'S ENTIRELY FREAKING CURVES *dies*)

That pile of red fabric from the last post is starting to look like a recognisable, if shitty, skirt.
Next is relearning how to sew buttonholes. Or giving up and making the buttons purely decorative.

I also played around with horns, fangs, a wig, and facepaint, but none of those are ready to appear on the internet yet :)
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