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Okay, I promised Laura a post about my sewing adventures!

Basically, it's a good thing I never got around to making my New Years Resolutions post, because this is the only one I've even approached making an effort on.

ANYWAY, one of my resolutions was to learn how to sew! I'm not entirely sure what brought this on - possibly partly the fun I had making the incredibly shitty Sailor Moon costume I wore to a party last year, partly the fact that there are some years when I just can't find any clothes I like in the shops (seriously, half the 'dresses' they sell I would only ever wear as a top :/ they cover NOTHING).

I only recently stole Mum's sewing machine from her, so I'm still working on my first couple of things.

Before I got my hands on the sewing machine I made this cover for my phone:
Because I hate the thought of it getting scratched by my keys but the bag I'd been using for this purpose was too big and I needed it back for its original purpose anyway.

I kind of want to make more of these so I can change the colour to suit my mood, or maybe sell some. My flatmate sometimes sells some bags and things that she makes so I'm sure I could join with her at one of the local markets if I ever got around to making a few more.

Right now I am wearing this hoodie that I made:
It is the comfiest thing ever. I still need to trim a bunch of loose threads and also figure out a better way to attach the lining of the hood, because it's currenly handstitched and thus probably going to fall apart the first time I wash it.

(I followed these instructions, which were pretty good if a bit unclear for a beginner.)

I really really want to find some dark grey hoodie fabric for my next one of these now that I kind of feel like I know what I'm doing, but all the fabric stores I've been to in three different towns have only the same 6 ugly colours, of which the one I've used already is the most tolerable (well, there's black of course, but that's a bit boring).

Here is my super-pro sewing set-up:
It's actually surprisingly fun controlling the foot pedal with your elbow while trying to guide the fabric with both hands XD

(photo also featuring my only-just-begun next project, which in the interests of my embrace-the-geekiness resolution is a costume for Hamilgeddon :D )

Also, as of about 5 minutes ago I have a Pinterest. I'm steffishly there as well, and I have no clue what I'm doing. Help.
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