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A few times recently I've felt like writing in here again, but I've never had anything worth an "I'm back! This is so important it's worth bothering you all for!" post. But damn it, nothing all that interesting ever happens to me so if I feel like posting about the boring stuff, I will!

...of course, I can't remember most of the things I had wanted to say anymore.

Anyway, I graduated from my Japanese Diploma last Thursday. About this long after my last graduation I was already thinking about going back to Uni, but this time I'm going to last more than half a year of full-time work. No more studying just for the sake of studying! No, now I just have to somehow find a job that uses Biology and Japanese (or just one of the two) or at least something a bit more interesting and rewarding than my current place. Just... I hate looking for jobs! So difficult and depressing. And the current place, though stingy and unrelated to my qualifications, is so comfy and friendly that it'd be hard to leave.

Well, we'll see what happens. I'm not really putting any effort into the search at the moment but I know in a few months I'll get really sick of work and start looking properly.

In other news, a delicious donburi place opened up in Hamilton. I happened to see it on the way back to my parents' place for dinner after graduation, and went and tried it the next day. So good! And actually run by Japanese people, unlike most of the Japanese restaurants here, though when I tried to order in Japanese today I got answered in English and was a bit disappointed. The guy on the counter was probably sick of people thinking they know a few words of Japanese and decided to cut me off straight away. Well, I'll try again next time anyway.

Date: 2011-05-16 07:25 am (UTC)
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Congrats on your graduation that's awesome!

Good luck with the job hunting too. Man I hate that shit!


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