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So, looks like my sister has coeliac disease. The diet in my house is about to change a lot, though she's currently still at the stage of saying "I want to eat the normal stuff and just put up with the stomach cancer" :/

I don't suppose anyone has any really delicious gluten-free recipes I could make for her? I'm going to go check out Bin Inn before work tomorrow and see what kinds of ingredients they sell there so I can see which of the recipes that I've found are do-able (somehow while Mum's doing the really hard stuff of altering dinner recipes to cut out gluten, I've taken charge of providing delicious cakes and biscuits).

Date: 2010-05-04 09:55 pm (UTC)
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Ahhh the dreaded coeliacs. I have suspicions that I have it, or at least a gluten intolerance but I refuse to find out because once you cut gluten out of your diet when you do eat it, its massively worse.

A lot of my friends have coeliacs and I find I can still bake for them I just buy gluten-free flour, which is massively expensive! However you can get a prescription from your doctor which does subsidise it some. Check out the LJ community [ profile] bakebakebake they have a gluten-free tag which has some great recipes!


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