Feb. 28th, 2012

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I am fortified and ready to brave you.

Recently I have been terrible at everything. I have a backlog of 50 things in google reader, I have 752 cards due in Anki (translation: I have not studied Japanese in the slightest in like a month and am forgetting things at a terrible rate of knots, and YET I CAN'T GATHER UP THE GIVE A FUCK TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT). I usually read emails as soon as they pop up on my phone in preference of concentrating at work, but no, I have ones from a couple of weeks ago still sitting there.

Right now I have a bottle of wine, so I am going to achieve a high enough level of "don't give a fuck" that it loops back around into productivity!

Excuse me while I go get shit done.
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Anyway, my internet life recently has been almost entirely conducted on tumblr. I'm steffishly there since someone else got my name, but seriously pretty much all I post is Homestuck reblogs.

I like it because I'm new and have no followers, so I can say what I want without worrying what people will think. The internet: I'm pretty much doing it completely wrong.
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Okay, I promised Laura a post about my sewing adventures!

Basically, it's a good thing I never got around to making my New Years Resolutions post, because this is the only one I've even approached making an effort on.

ANYWAY, one of my resolutions was to learn how to sew! I'm not entirely sure what brought this on - possibly partly the fun I had making the incredibly shitty Sailor Moon costume I wore to a party last year, partly the fact that there are some years when I just can't find any clothes I like in the shops (seriously, half the 'dresses' they sell I would only ever wear as a top :/ they cover NOTHING).

I only recently stole Mum's sewing machine from her, so I'm still working on my first couple of things.

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